Sample Exercises from the Class at Horsham Rugby Club

Pilates 4

One Leg Circle – Hip Mobility, Core Stability

Pilates 10

Roll Back and Twist with Bender Ball – Oblique Strength

Pilates 9

Roll Up – Core Strength, Spine Flexibility

Pilates 13

Shoulder Bridge – Gluteal Strength, Pelvis Stabilisation

Pilates 14

Side Bend (Warm Up) – Lateral Spine Mobilistion

Pilates 17

Big Squeeze with Bender Ball – Pelvic Stability, Inner Thigh Strength


New Class for 2019

The Tuesday evening class at Warnham Village Hall is currently full and a new class will be starting at St Johns Community Hall, Broadbridge Heath, Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. starting from February 21st 2019.

Holiday 2018

Confirmation of upcoming Pilates Classes and Holidays.
Classes run as normal until Tuesday June 5th at Warnham Village Hall
Reminder of usual days/times/prices:
 – Tuesdays 7:30 PM Warnham Village Hall £5
 – Wednesdays 9:30 AM Warnham Bodywise Gym £6
 – Thursdays 8:05 PM Pavilions Horsham £6.60 (Need to book via Pavilions)
No classes Wednesday June 6th – Tuesday June 19th inclusive
Classes resume on Wednesday June 20th. On that day only there will be two classes at Bodywise Gym:
 – 9:30 AM (as usual)
 – 8:05 PM – this replaces the Village Hall Class which is not available on Tuesday 19th due to the Flower Club (and will be £5)
Those attending next Wednesday’s class at Bodywise, there will be work going on to improve the floor outside the studio. I am assured the class will be unaffected though.


I have been qualified to teach Pilates at REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) Level 3 since November 2014. I have since supplemented this with the following courses:

  • Advanced Mat Pilates
  • Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions
  • Pilates with Small Equipment

Pilates Classes – Register Interest

I’m currently running four Pilates classes.

Tuesday evening at Warnham Village Hall from 7:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. (£5)

Wednesday morning at Bodywise Gym, Warnham from 9:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. (£6

Thursday evenings at Pavilions in the Park, Horsham from 8:05 p.m. – 9:05 p.m. (£6.60)

Pilates classes cater for all abilities, but these classes will be particularly suitable for beginners. Everybody should do Pilates, and if you’ve never tried it, there’s never been a better time.

Contact me to register interest.

What to Bring, What to Wear

1. Aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the class so that we are ready to start on time, it’s important not to miss the warm-up. Allow an extra 5 minutes if you have not been before so I have a chance to meet you.

2. At the moment there is no need to book although the Horsham Class is nearly full so I will keep this under review.

3. Key piece of equipment is a Pilates/Yoga mat, I can provide one if you don’t have one, but if you are going to come regularly it is nice to have your own.

4. If you’ve not done Pilates before, suitable clothing is a T shirt that can be tucked into a pair of (knee length) shorts or similar – so nothing that would restrict your movement in any way e.g. Jeans.

5. You can expect the level of intensity to be more than Yoga, so it’s good to have a bottle of water with you, but not so intense that you will feel you need a shower immediately after.

6. The class will be aimed at beginners, but there will be variations explained if you need an extra challenge.

7. In order to teach, I am required to obtain liability insurance (which I have). However the risk of injury is minimal.

8. Linked to the above, I am also required that you are medically fit to do Pilates, so:

a. If you have any heart problems, chest pains, dizziness, high blood pressure or have had a major operation on your back, you should check with your GP that you are ok to do Pilates.

b. If you have any current minor injuries or are pre/post natal then let me know as some of the exercises can be modified

9. OK to pay on the day, £5 at Horsham Rugby Club, £6 at Bodywise Gym, Warnham, £6.60 at Pavilions in the Park, Horsham